Needs for Twin Chamber Heater

The Version is for as much as 300kgs capability per batch bunches in addition to will absolutely lose at around 55kgs per hour.
The system has leading packing style and has a strong refractory concrete lining for optimal heat retention. Gadget have huge leading cover for extremely easy loading, along with especially made front ash door, for ash elimination.
This system performs at over 1100 ° C in the vital chamber to guarantee total combustion. This design likewise benefits
from a strong second chamber as well as burner that makes particular a complete re-burn of any smoke along with exhausts along with a 0.5 second gas retention time.
Thaw rate 150kg/h minimum
Second Chamber Yes.
Gas Retention Time 2 secs.
Gas Diesel/LPG/LNG.
Power Supply for Control Box 220V-240V 50Hz singular phase.
Minimum Operating Temperature Level 920 ˚C

Resilient steel case.
Outstanding quality refractory lining as well as insulation.
Substantial full dimension leading lots door and also fluid retention sill.
1 x diesel oil terminated ignition heating systems operated on/off.
Sturdy steel housing.
High quality refractory lining along with insulation.
1 x diesel oil fired ignition heating units ran on/off.
Requirements for Dual Chamber Incinerator:.
Key Burning.
The primary burning chamber will be approved as the crucial burning area.
The minimum burning temperature of the vital chamber shall not be much less than 800 degrees c.
Additional Burning.
The house time in the second chamber will certainly not be a lot less than 2 secs.
The gas temperature degree as gauged versus the within wall surface in the additional chamber, not in the fire zone will certainly not be less than as suggested in Lot 1-7.
Both the additionally additional as well as primary temperature levels will be maintained till all the waste has actually been completely ignited.
The chimney shall have a very little height of 4 metres over ground level.
The minimal departure rate of the discharges will not be less than 10metres/second.
Temperature Cautions.
When the second temperature level drops to listed below the required temperature level, a distinct and/or recognizable alarm to alert the operator.
Control box can be divided and also installed on different stand of atleast 1.5 metres from the burner at about 1.6 metre altitude.
CE certified or equal for burners of this measurement and additionally design.
Drawings along with images for the provided whole lots.
1 year extra parts, gas containers as well as 10metre pipe ahead typical with every heater.
Specs for Mobile Heater Units.
Trailer mounted mobile burner tools excellent for the following applications.
Clinical waste.
Residential waste.
Industrial waste.
Pet cadavers.
Resilient stainless-steel situation.
1.5 m dimension.
0.6 m refractory lined stack.
Control of 1 heating unit.
Timer control 0- 12 hrs.
Vital fan timer control.
Temperature level Monitoring.
Thermostatic Control.
Automatic Control.
Cycle time developed.
Running along with maintenance handbooks.
Saves listing.
incinerator absolutely mounted within 10 ft ISO accredited container.
3,5 kwA electrical power generator, 1000 litres fuel storage tank.
Burner placed on the silenblock padding.

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