animal cremation equipment prices



The following requirements are to be considered as an integral part of the technical specifications for each equipment



The system offered shall be designed to operate normally under the conditions of different regions in Kenya. These

conditions may include but not limited to power supply, temperature, humidity, and other climatic conditions.


A warranty for a minimum of 12 months must be supplied.


All text, parameters etc. on all control operating interfaces as well as on information displays and on print-outs

shall be written in English. The Bidder is responsible for all permits and approvals for importation. The Bidder shall

provide all the necessary documentation in order to facilitate the legal requirements for the installation and proper

operation of the equipment.


Period of Execution is 180 days from contract date covering delivery to the site and completion of all verification

operations required for the issuance of provisional acceptance.


Representatives of PATH and the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS), together with the Bidder or Bidder’s

representative, shall carry out the controls, testing and initial approval for provisional and final acceptance. The

provisional and final acceptance shall take place at the final destination(s).


After-Sales Service: The Bidder is required to ensure that a maintenance, service and repair centre, which is

authorized by the Manufacturer, and which is able to rapidly supply genuine spare parts and consumables recommended by

the Manufacturer is available throughout the warranty period. In fulfillment of this requirement with their offer,

Bidders must submit a statement signed by the Manufacturer or an approved


representative of the Manufacturer:

oproviding the name and address of its authorized maintenance, service and repair centre,


oConfirming that this authorized maintenance, service and repair centre is able to rapidly supply genuine spare parts

and the consumables recommended by the Manufacturer.


The delivery and installation time must be agreed between Bidder, target Hospital and PATH. The treatment plant must

arrive pre-assembled. The Bidder shall ensure that all parts of the plant transported by sea shall not be shipped as “

deck cargo.”

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